Our Team

Captain Chad Virgin Diving St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Meet your captain, Chad Blake.

Whether it’s relaxing, sailing, partying, diving, fishing, sightseeing, shopping, eating or a combination of all of these things, Captain Chad will make your vacation a one of a kind experience centered around you and your groups’ wishes, wants and needs.

Chad recently sold his first charter boat that he started doing charters from in 1998 . Yes that is right, he has been in the charter business for over 18 years in the Virgin Islands.

While maintaining the charter business, Chad has been involved in running and building several restaurants, bars and night clubs. Guests who have chartered with him soon realize that he has the magic touch to bring you the top entertainment and hospitality experience.

If you like to scuba dive or are curious to explore and try out the underwater experience, Chad is also a Master Dive Instructor with Padi. He has been diving in the beautiful waters of the Virgin Islands for over 18 years with over 24 years of diving experience. All of this experience has allowed him a wealth of knowledge to share with his guests including dive locations that are not advertised to the local public.

Being a Padi Master Dive Instructor Chad has the ability to take anyone scuba diving, from first time diver with no experience to master level divers. Imagine the stories you can tell your friends about your vacation experiencing the underworld of the Caribbean where you’ll explore ship wrecks, go treasure hunting and swim with sea turtles, dolphins and thousands of different fish and reef species. Previous guests can attest to Chad’s very gentle nature when dealing with children and making them feel comfortable and at ease with their first dive experience.

Like to eat?? Chad has been in the kitchen since he was very young, working and managing a family restaurant at the young age of 12-16. Chad’s experience led him to being involved with building and running several other restaurants and also his very own restaurant businesses. He was also a chef on charters for years on his own charter boat and others. If you have special diets or tastes he is on top of it. Chad is comfortable with most cuisines and also can take on the title as Top Chef.

Looking for sports, fishing, sailing, hikes etc. He is also very adventurous and has the skills to catch the big ones, teach sailing, rally up a sporting event and give a good island swimming or running tour.

Previous guests and others in the boat industry rave about Chad. Chad has been described as energetic, accommodating, knowledgeable, friendly and the best captain we’ve ever had!!